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GHK-Cu Peptide

CAS No.:  89030-95-5

Appearance: Blue Powder

Purity: > 95 % (HPLC)

Counter ion: Acetate

389.-  € / 1 gram*)

PromoCode: 08GHKCu

Reference: I. T. Cangul, N. Y. Gul, A. Topal, and R. Yilmaz, “Evaluation of the effects of topical tripeptide-copper complex and zinc oxide on open-wound healing in rabbits,” Vet. Dermatol., vol. 17, no. 6, pp. 417–423, Dec. 2006.

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Pal-GHK Peptide

Cas No.:  147732-56-7

Appearance: White,Pale Powder

Purity: > 95 % (HPLC)

Counter ion: Acetate

467.-  € / 1 gram *)

PromoCode: 08Pal-GHK

Reference: Development of a LC–MS/MS method to monitor palmitoyl peptides content in anti-wrinkle cosmetics.

Analytica Chimica Acta,Volume 641, Issues 1–2, 8 May 2009, Pages 95–100

Raluca-Ioana Chirita, P. Chaimbault, J.-Ch. Archambault, I.Robert, Claire Elfakir.

*) Preisangaben zzgl. MwSt. +  48.-  € Versandkosten / Lieferung.

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GHK-Cu Peptide : Anwendungen in der Wundtherapie und der Kosmetik.

Wound healing activity of GHK-Cu was confirmed in animal experiments. GHK-Cu accelerated wound healing and increased blood vessel formation and the level of antioxidant enzymes in rabbits. This molecule also induced systemic wound healing in rats, mice, and pigs. It improved the healing of diabetic and ischemic wounds in rats, decreasing the level of TNF-alpha and stimulating collagen synthesis. It also facilitated healing of pad wounds in dogs. Such well-documented skin regeneration activity prompted widespread use of GHK in antiaging cosmetic products .

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