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Some materials mentioned in this scientific papers are made by Genosphere Biotechnologies, Paris.

Comparative proteome and metabolome analyses of latex-exuding and non-exuding Taraxacum koksaghyz roots provide insights into laticifer biology.
Benninghaus, V.A., van Deenen, N., Müller, B., Roelfs, K.U., Lassowskat, I., Finkemeier, I., Prüfer, D. and Schulze Gronover, C., 2020.
Journal of experimental botany, 71(4), pp.1278-1293.
Keywords: Articulated laticifers, barnase/barstar, differentially accumulated proteins, latex-non-exuding phenotype, metabolomics, proteomics, Taraxacum koksaghyz

Specialized stellate cells offer a privileged route for rapid water flux in Drosophila renal tubule.
Cabrero, P., Terhzaz, S., Dornan, A.J., Ghimire, S., Holmes, H.L., Turin, D.R., Romero, M.F., Davies, S.A. and Dow, J.A., 2020.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117 (3) 1779-1787
Keywords: Drosophila melanogaster; Malpighian tubule; Xenopus oocyte; aquaporin; stellate cell

Screening and confirmatory analysis of recombinant Human EPO for racing camels doping control.
Delcourt, V., Garcia, P., Chabot, B., Loup, B., Remy, P., Popot, M.A. and Bailly-Chouriberry, L., 2020.
Drug testing and analysis
Keywords: Camel race, Doping control, EPO, Recombinant human erythropoietin, rHuEPO, Erythropoiesis stimulating agent, doping agent

Cx43 channels and signaling via IP 3/Ca 2+, ATP, and ROS/NO propagate radiation-induced DNA damage to non-irradiated brain microvascular endothelial cells.
Hoorelbeke, D., Decrock, E., De Smet, M., De Bock, M., Descamps, B., Van Haver, V., Delvaeye, T., Krysko, D.V., Vanhove, C., Bultynck, G. and Leybaert, L., 2020.
Cell Death & Disease, 11(3), pp.1-17.
Keywords: Cell signalling, Physiology

Anxiolytic Activity and Brain Modulation Pattern of the α-Casozepine-Derived Pentapeptide YLGYL in Mice.
Benoit, S., Chaumontet, C., Schwarz, J., Cakir-Kiefer, C., Boulier, A., Tomé, D. and Miclo, L., 2020.
Nutrients, 12(5), p.1497.
Keywords: milk bioactive peptide; α-Casozepine; anxiolytic; proteolytic fragments; anxiety; neuronal activity modulation; c-Fos

MDC1 Interacts with TOPBP1 to Maintain Chromosomal Stability during Mitosis.
Leimbacher, P.A., Jones, S.E., Shorrocks, A.M.K., de Marco Zompit, M., Day, M., Blaauwendraad, J., Bundschuh, D., Bonham, S., Fischer, R., Fink, D. Kessler, B.M., Oliver, A.W., Pearl, L.H., Blackford, A.N. and Stucki, M. 2019.
Molecular cell, 74(3), pp 571-583
Keywords: MDC1 TOPBP1 complex ; casein kinase 2 ; CK2 ; DNA damage response ; DSBs in mitosis ; mitotic radiosensitivity ; chromosomal instability ; micronuclei formation ; chromosome end-to-end fusions.

NEP-TC a rRNA Methyltransferase Involved on Somatic Embryogenesis of Tamarillo (Solanum betaceum Cav.).
Correia, S.I., Alhinho, A.T., Casimiro, B., Miguel, C.M., Oliveira, M.M., Veríssimo, P. and Canhoto, J.M., 2019.
Frontiers in Plant Science, 10, p.438.
Keywords: Somatic embryogenesis induction ; somatic embryo development ; SpoU rRNA methylase family ; tamarillo; Solanaceae family ; plant morphogenesis

Deciphering CD4+ T cell specificity using novel MHC-TCR chimeric receptors.
Kisielow, J., Obermair, F.J. and Kopf, M., 2019.
Nature immunology, 20(5), pp 652-662
Keywords: αβ T cell cognate peptides ; αβ T cell antigen receptors ; TCRs ; natural epitopes of CD4+ T cells ; peptide vaccination ; tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes

A Chemical Screen Identifies Compounds Limiting the Toxicity of C9ORF72 Dipeptide Repeats.
Corman, A., Jung, B., Häggblad, M., Bräutigam, L., Lafarga, V., Lidemalm, L., Hühn, D., Carreras-Puigvert, J. and Fernandez-Capetillo, O., 2019.
Cell chemical biology, 26(2), pp 235-243
Keywords: ALS; BET Bromodomain; C9ORF72; arginine-rich peptides; chemical screen; dipeptide repeat proteins; nucleolar stress; sodium phenylbutyrate; zebrafish; poly(PR) peptides; non-ATG translation; dipeptide repeats; DPRs; HDAC inhibitors; PFI-1; Na-Phen

Alkyladenine DNA glycosylase associates with transcription elongation to coordinate DNA repair with gene expression.
Montaldo, N.P., Bordin, D.L., Brambilla, A., Rösinger, M., Martin, S.L.F., Bjørås, K.Ø., Bradamante, S., Aas, P.A., Furrer, A., Olsen, L.C. and Kunath, N., 2019.
Nature communications, 10(1), pp.1-13.
Keywords: Actively transcribing chromatin; RNA pol II; Elongator complex; ELP1 subunit; aberrantly methylated DNA bases; 7-methylguanine; 3-methyladenine; Base excision repair; BER; alkyladenine DNA glycosylase; AAG; aberrant DNA bases

Optimization of peptide-based cancer vaccine compositions, by sequential screening, using versatile liposomal platform.
Jacoberger-Foissac, C., Saliba, H., Seguin, C., Brion, A., Kakhi, Z., Frisch, B., Fournel, S. and Heurtault, B., 2019. International journal of pharmaceutics, 562, pp 342-350LIST
Keywords: Liposome ; Therapeutic vaccination ; Cancer vaccine; Adjuvant ; PRR agonists ; Peptide-based vaccine ; CD4 epitope peptide ; CD8 tumor-specific epitope peptide ; Pattern recognition receptors ; HA influenza virus peptide ; HPV16 E7 oncoprotein peptide; TLR4, TLR2/6 , NOD1 agonists

Some peptides, synthetic genes, poly- and monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins mentioned in this scientific papers are made by Genosphere Biotechnologies, Paris.

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